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I LOVE When People Drive A Truck Through A Storefront To Steal The ATM

Hellllllllllllll yessssssssssssssssss

I love it. I fucking love it. Nothing better than just a couple of dudes driving a truck through the front of a store to make some quick cash. You wanna know why I love this so much? Because that’s the American Dream right there. It’s such a Fuck You I’m Gonna Get This Paper No Matter What move that you have to respect it.

I picture the conversation going down like this:

*two guys sitting around a DUMP of an apartment*

Guy #1: What are we gonna do for money man? We’re BROKE. We’re broker than broke. I wish we were broke.

Guy #2: I don’t know. I guess we could get jobs, work endless hours, save up and have money that way.

Guy #1: Yeah we could do that. Or, and hear me out here, we could drive a truck through a storefront, steal the ATM and have money that way. That way we wouldn’t have to get jobs.

Guy #2: I’ll get my coat.

*end scene*

The great thing is that some version of that conversation had to happen in order for that surveillance footage to exist. They both had to agree that smashing through the front of a store was the better option than the other options. I hope they get away.