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Blaze Riorden's Coast-To-Coast Goal From The 2015 Tournament Taking You Into The Weekend

It will most likely go down as the most viral goal scored in NCAA Lacrosse Tournament history. Big daddy Blaze going end-to-end against Cornell in the first round of the 2015 tournament and going top corn to make it 14-7 Danes. Absolutely insane. And what makes this goal even better is look at who is out there on the field with Blaze. He’s got Lyle Thompson down there at attack. Only the all-time career point leader in NCAA lacrosse history. The only guy to ever reach 400 points in his career that the game has ever seen. You’d figure that most people in that scenario would think to themselves, “Yeah I’m gonna do everything I can to get the ball to that guy”. But not Blaze.

Then he also has #5 out there, Connor Fields. While the kid might have only been a freshman at the time, he’s now 5th all time in career points with 349 and counting. Blaze FAKED THE PASS down to Fields before ripping that shit stick-side high. The confidence level there is outrageous. And in case you somehow didn’t know, it all makes sense because Blaze plays forward in Box lacrosse. He’s played in the NLL for the Buffalo Bandits. He’s played for Team USA. So he’s a goalie out on the field but the man has the hands of a beauty.

I doubt we see anything like this goal this weekend but the first round of the 2018 NCAA Tournament is here regardless. 8 games between Saturday and Sunday. Only 15 more games total in the 2018 college lacrosse season. We’re just a couple of weeks away here from Memorial Day Weekend. Greatest time of the year. Let’s have ourselves one here.