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My Poor Guy Dana Thought He Was Getting Hit On By A Signature Chick In NYC Yesterday

I really didn’t want to blog this story but it’s funny so I had no choice. I owe it to the game. Long story short we had a video shoot at Chelsea Markets yesterday. When I got there Dana was out front engaged in a deep and riveting conversation with what was clearly a “save the environment” type signature chick out front. So when we walked in I casually mentioned that Dana might as well have “sucker” stamped on his forehead. He seemed legitimately upset and confused by me saying that. He asked what I meant and I was like “well you were talking to that chick for 10 minutes.” Here is how the rest of the conversation went.

Me – Well You Were Talking to that Chick for 10 minutes

Dana – Yeah she liked me.

Me – What?

Dana – Yeah she liked me. She asked where I was from? We talked for awhile. We’re both Egyptian.

Me – Umm yeah she was trying to get signatures dude.

Dana – What do you mean?

Me – She was promoting the environment. Her job was to get signatures.

Dana – Really? Because she talked to me a couple hours ago too.

Me – You mean she was standing out front 2 hours ago too?

Dana – Yeah

Me – Umm that’s because she’s working to get signatures.

Dana – Damn. Are you sure she was working?

Me – Yes.

Dana – My confidence is low. I needed that one.