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The 'Beverly Hills Brat' is My Kinda Rich Kid

SourceThis Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford spoked to Nina and Nicolette Gray, who is a self-proclaimed “Beverly Hills brat”.

Nicolette, 16 – who spoke via live link to the ITV This Morning studio – was fuming with her mother Nina for slashing her $4000 allowance to a measly $1000.

Nicolette insisted she needed an increase to buy bags, shoes and socialise with her glitzy Hollywood circle.

The teen kicked up such a fuss that Nina boosted her monthly pay packet to $5000 to have some peace.

“This is your fault, you chose to live in Hollywood, so you have to deal with it,” Nicolette snapped at her mother. …

“Do you ever let your face know you’re happy?” Eamonn asked, but Nicolette just scowled at the joke.

She soon replied: “I’m happy with my life – but I’d rather have more money.”

Nicolette – who insisted she “works” on social media but would not get a part-time job – looked miserable throughout the interview.

I confess I don’t spend a lot of time going over the power rankings of Wealthy Beverly Hills Teenage Socialites. But based on what I know about them, meaning this one minute clip and the 150 words I just posted, if there was a Fantasy Brat Draft, Nicolette Gray would be my first round pick. She’s just got it all. The right attitude. The confidence. Situational awareness. The resting bitchface. The complete lack of hustle. Everything you look for in the next great C-list celebrity.

And I don’t know who this Eamonn Holmes and Jules Langsford are, but they can cut the shit with their “Old TV Hosts Yell at Clouds” judgementalism. Oh, we don’t like your attitude. Why isn’t $1,000 a month enough. Why don’t you get a job? You should be smiling. Tha fuck out of here with that. Show me one example here of how my girl Nicollette isn’t doing everything exactly right. First of all, it’s exactly the attitude they claim to hate that has her on British TV, which is good for the brand. Her mom folded up like a card table on the allowance issue. She’s no doubt making her own money promoting designer fashion and luxury cars on social media. And give me one good reason why should go get a job, like she said “working some fast food place” when she gets everything she wants by just acting bratty? Anyone who says they’d rather go to work every day when they could anything their heart desires is lying through their goddamned teeth. I sure as hell wouldn’t. And my job is writing goofy blogs and sports books from my house.

So I think we are seeing a future superstar in the making. This appearance is Larry Bird at Indiana State. Wayne Gretzky in the WHA. Tiger Woods in the National Amateurs. She’s going to be one of the greats, I can sense it. And in the meantime, don’t let the bastards drag you down, Ms. Gray. Keep doing you.

P.S. Hellooo, Nina Gray.