This 16 Year Old Rich Spoiled Brat From Beverly Hills Might Be The World's Biggest Villain

Daily Mail

A spoiled teenager who publicly slammed her mother for cutting her monthly allowance from $5,000 to $1,000 is now insisting she needs the money to sustain her lavish lifestyle—even though she categorically refuses to get a job.

Nicolette Gray, 16, and her mother Nina, a doctor from Beverly Hills, California, appeared on the UK show This Morning on Friday to discuss the self-proclaimed ‘Beverly Hills brat”s finances.

The teenager, who – according to her social media – has now gotten her allowance raised back to $5,000, insisted she absolutely needs thousands of dollars a month to pay for ‘wallets, purses, jewelry, clothing, and all types of things’, including personal trainers, making it very clear she’s not prepared to embrace a simpler lifestyle.

My goodness this 16 year old is pure evil. I don’t even think she’s human anymore. If aliens were invading our planet and encountered this girl I think they just turn around and go harvest another planet’s natural resources so they don’t have to waste their time. Her quote in the Instagram post above might be the most outrageous thing ever said.

Just wanted to update you guys that I got my allowance raised back to 5k so look at me I’m rich again. I don’t get why I make everybody’s so irritated, because look at me I’m basically solving world poverty like if you don’t want to be poor anymore just tell yourself you want to be rich

“If you don’t want to be poor anymore just tell yourself you want to be rich.” Put that on my tombstone next to “I care, but not enough to actually do anything.” This girl might have more evil in her than Kris Jenner or any human ever created. Here she is running away from apartment hunting because they didn’t have valet.

This girl took her mom on Dr. Phil to complain she’s not getting enough money to survive when her allowance was lowered to $1,000. You know what you do as the parents here?

You send your daughter on a trip to Paris, France and let her have “fun.” What happens then? After she lands, some frenchman asks to share a cab with her because they’re “so damn expensive.” After she gets dropped off he says he has a party that night and he wants her to come, but he has to know what apartment number she’s in when he picks her up later. She tells him and then within 15 minutes she’s kidnapped. When she goes to call her mom all of a sudden her mom can’t hear her and the call drops. The mother goes on with her day and the daughter….well the daughter gets taken, but Liam Neeson does not show up to save the day.

That’s how this gets solved.