Ashton Just Changed Fashion Forever With This Cowboy Hat And Iowa Shirt

2014 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival - Day 1

Take all of my clothes.  Burn them.  Burn all of them.  Even my grey blogging hoodie that has pretty much infused itself with my skin at this point.  I don’t want them anymore.  All I want to see when I open my closet is rows on rows of cowboy hats and shirts that say “Enjoy Iowa”.  Get it?  It’s like Coca-Cola but instead of the pop it’s the greatest state in the greatest country on the best planet.  That shirt sealed the deal.  I’ve never wanted a shirt more than I want that shirt he’s wearing.  From here on on I’m going the Doug Funny route.  Same clothes everyday.  It’s the perfect look.  And I hate country music, country singers and everything country music is about but something about that cowboy hat coupled with what might be the coolest shirt in the world (other than this stuff, of course), Ashton just changed fashion forever.  No doubt about it.  It’s simple.  Dress like Ashton, slay like Ashton, be like Ashton.  Science.

doug closet

PS- “Trent, what happened to your receding hairline that made me want to throw up and was the strongest batch of pussy repellent ever made?  With that gone you’re a sex symbol.”- Every girl getting a look at my new cowboy hat.

Double PS- Mila, you’re glowing. Pregnancy has done wonders for you.  If you guys have started kicking around names for godfather, allow this smut blogger to throw his hat in the ring.