The Boston Dynamics Robot Can Now Run And Jump Over Obstacles

Cool, cool. At this rate there is really no point breaking down what this means for robots or humans because we already know. Boston Dynamics can just continue releasing videos of what their newest model robot can do and I’ll blog it to give everybody a heads up. Today the robot can run, next week it will be able to fly, in a month it will be able to fire missiles, and in a year it will be able to reproduce on its own, making its creators irrelevant as well as the enemy. The videos of the robots becoming self aware or learning military strategy will be conspicuously absent. But by that point, the internet will already be solely in control of the machines anyway, used for communication between the robots instead of porn or social media. It will also be written in a code so complex, not even Gilfoyle will be able to figure it out.

But congrats on the running and jumping breakthrough, Boston Dynamics! We are all really happy for you fuckers.