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Wake Up With Gary Sheffield Murdering A Ball Into The Upper Deck At Yankee Stadium

Probably my favorite player of ALL TIME, Gary Sheffield was so much fun to watch hit.  Everyone remembers when they were little and they would practice his stance in the backyard, it was just contagious. My shoulders and arms used to be dead because I’d go to Rocky Gorge driving range and hit the cages there, 10 tokens for $5 and for 90 pitches, I used to do the Sheffield stance.

My dude used to hit some BOMBS, not many of his 509 homers were cheapies. Fastest wrists in the game, and that was probably because when he was a kid he used to take BP off of his uncle. Oh, his uncle was Dwight Gooden. So I would say that is a pretty good way to get your bat speed up to MLB level. He was just a pure baseball player too, he played all over the diamond, and was on no less than 13 different teams.

This homer was an absolute rocket off the bat too, that thing really got out of here in a hurry. I’m sure its happened a few times, but I can’t recall many righties going into the upper deck at Old Yankee Stadium, but Gary did it. Just a pure baseball player, Gary was a guy who you wanted on your team because he could hit moonshots like this one, but he’d also kick your ass if you weren’t on his team. Maybe a steroid or 2 in his career, but hey, everyone was doing it then, right? I need more guys like Sheffield back in baseball.

Enjoy your weekend, folks, kill this Friday.