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Nevada Has Changed Their State Flower To Marc-Andre Fleury

If there is one thing I have learned since I started with Barstool, it’s that Wikipedia is always right. So when I see that Marc-Andre Fleury is listed as the state flower for the state of Nevada, then god damnit I believe it. Have you seen the guy play this year? He can be whatever the hell he wants.

Sagebrush was the previous state flower and is described as a “coarse, hardy, silvery gray-green bush that grows in the desert southwest of the United States. Sagebrush has a strong pungent fragrance, especially when wet. Native Americans used the leaves of sagebrush for medicine and sagebrush bark for weaving mats.” According to statesymbolsusa.org. How boring is that? I’ll take a former 1st overall pick, 3x all star and 3x Stanley cup champion any day of the week of that boring lame ass bush.

But on a serious note, Fleury has be unbelievable this year. He leads the playoffs with a 1.53 GAA and a .951 SV%. He has been the best goalie in the 2018 playoffs and there is no question about it. Fleury lit up the regular season as well, posting a .927 SV% and 2.24 GAA. The guy got hosed on the Vezina this year, let’s be real.

How awesome is that? Was one of the core members of a Stanley Cup team that drafted him 1st overall and got his job taken away and was let go only to lead an expansion franchise to the Western Conference finals. It would have been poetic justice for Fleury to take down Crosby and the Pens in the finals. I mean, this guy went to a team full of misfits where he was really the only superstar, and now he has led them to the Western Conference finals. You could write a movie about it.

There’s a chance Fleury gets to raise Lord Stanley for a 4th time this season too. That is insane. I can picture it now, Fleury on top of a bus, cup raised, driving down the Vegas strip for a Stanley Cup celebration parade. That is one party I would NOT want to miss.