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REJOICE!!! Rick & Morty Got Renewed For Season 4 And More... SEVENTY New Episodes Coming

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(Polygon) – Co-creator Justin Roiland tweeted a drawing of the show’s titular characters, announcing that Adult Swim has ordered 70 new episodes. That works out to be seven more seasons, based on the show’s history of 10-episode seasons. 70 episodes will bring Rick and Morty to more than 100 episodes, and that means the series can be syndicated. It’s a big move for Adult Swim, and one that other networks, like FX, have also done in the past. Roiland didn’t say anything about when the fourth season will premiere, or how the new episodes will roll out, but this announcement should leave Rick and Morty fans happy.

SCARY TERRY FANS REJOICE!!! Rick & Morty is squanching on back into our lives and not just for Season 4. I’m talking Season 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… 70 episodes yo! Are you fucking kidding me?

Now granted, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon could very well be kidding us all since that is literally all they do… But even if this is only an overblown announcement for just Season 4 episodes, I don’t care. That’s enough for me. That’s how talented those guys are. That’s how good this show is.

And they don’t give a FUCK. Seriously, check out how they ended Season 1.

If you haven’t gotten aboard the flurbo gravy train yet then now is the goddamn time! We likely won’t see new episodes until end of 2018/early 2019 but on the other hand you honestly never know. These guys released deliciously demented episodes out of nowhere the past two years on April Fools and I wouldn’t be shocked to see something by end of summer with how feverish fans are right now.

For the uninitiated, Rick & Morty is like a really fucked up Back to the Future plus unlimited realities/characters/possibilities. We follow a mad scientist named Rick who lives with his daughter’s family and takes his 12 year old grandson on incredibly twisted and violent adventures. Rick is beyond brilliant but also a morbid alcoholic. It’s all so very terrific.

And because of those unlimited realities, characters and creatures pop up that you won’t see on any other show, let alone consider as a real thought in your own brain. Somehow the weird context always makes sense too. Nothing is off limits conceptually and fused with the super adult humor, it makes for an incredibly entertaining combination.

Although there is a long and complicated series arc, it’s also a show that can be watched randomly out of order too. Don’t be afraid of getting roped in with the nerds flipping out over szechuan sauce. Just go check it out NOW.

It’s very hard to rank my favorite episodes so instead I’ll drop a taste of my favorite characters n’ quotes from the first 3 seasons… I’M MR.DEVSEEEEEKS LOOK AT MEEEE!

Mr. Meeseeks - “Existence is pain.”

King Jelly Bean - “Stop being such a fucking tease you sweet little bitch”

Sleep Gary - “..Maybe we’ll see Chewbacca…”

Mr. Poopy Butthole - “This little poopy pants is hunnnnngry!”

Water-T - “I care now. You made me care more”

Abradolf Lincler - “I have no quarrel with you BOY”

Butter Passing Robot - “What is my purpose?”

Fart - “Goooodbye moon men…”

Scary Terry - “I’M SCARY TERRY, BITCH”

PS: Avengers Infinity War is no longer the most ambitious cross-over event of ALL-TIME…