The Crazy Guy Who Stopped a School Bus on the Highway and Climbed on the Windshield Claims He's Not Crazy, Didn't Have Road-Rage and Just Wanted To See if the Children Inside Were Okay

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Daily Mail

The man filmed forcing a school bus to stop on a Massachusetts freeway and climbing on the hood says he’s not crazy – he was just worried about the children. Dorchester man Kevin Crowe, 42, is facing a list of charges after video emerged of him acting erratically on the Mass Pike on Tuesday evening. But he told the Boston Herald he felt he had to act because the tinted windows on the bus concerned him deeply.

Video of the incident shows Crowe swerving in his lane and eventually stopping in the middle of the road, before getting out of his car and charging towards the bus about 7.30pm. He is seen trying to get the driver, Joe Rizoli, to open the doors before climbing on to the windshield.  When Rizoli refused to let him in, the disheveled-looking man walked around to the front of the bus and jumped on the hood.

So let’s break this down. A random guy was driving on the Mass Pike when he noticed a school bus was being driven with tinted windows. This driver decided it was completely normal to swerve in front of the bus and eventually slam the breaks, forcing the school bus to immediately stop in the middle of the highway. The driver then got out of his car and climbed ON TOP OF THE WINDSHIELD to berate the school bus driver and force him to open up the door. Let’s take all of that into account and now try to give this man the benefit of the doubt that he’s not a crazy person. Okay, now that we’ve wasted five seconds of our lives, this guy is the definition of a crazy person. Just read his quote defending his actions…

‘It takes a village to raise a child and that village is out of the loop when windows are tinted,’ he said, noting he was still confused as to why the bus windows were tinted. ‘I was not doing anything you can be concerned about… it was not road rage, just me being a concerned citizen… I’m not this crazy guy.’

He’s still trying to figure out why the bus windows were tinted. It takes a village to raise a child so because the windows are tinted you should swerve in front of a SCHOOL BUS and risk everyone’s lives. Completely rational. Luckily there were no kids on the bus so they weren’t scarred for life, but this guy is something else.

“I was not doing anything you can be concerned about”

Dude you stopped a school bus in the middle lane of a highway because the windows were dark. I mean what are we talking about here?