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Actually Good


CONCORD — If you passed by the New Hampshire Statehouse on Tuesday, you may have noticed something peculiar.

Alia Mackenzie held a large sign with the message “Anal Sex” written on it, welcoming anyone passing by on North Main Street.

Why would someone hold a sign that says “Anal Sex” in front of the statehouse? For “My love of freedom of speech,” Mackenzie said.

This isn’t the first time she’s made her statement. She’s been sign holding for a few weeks.

Mackenzie has exercised her support for the First Amendment in Washington D.C. and has even stood on the Canadian border with a sign that said “Canada Sucks.”

Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom of your butthole. Whatever you gotta tell yourself to be down to clown in the brown, the logic is always sound. It’s kinda sad that so many people are into eating ass and whathaveyou. In my day, if you ate ass or did anal, you were ahead of the curve. You were considered wild sexually. Young college people have to go so far to be considered sexually advanced. Just last night on Hi Haters we talked about a fella who stuck his arm so far in a woman’s vagina that he said it looked like he was feeding a horse an apple. Another man complained of his girlfriend’s vagina feeling like a thick and dry pancake. No matter how much lube (love syrup) he poured on those inflamed vulvas possibly vulvi, the pancakes remained dry as hell. Anal Sex. Incredible.

Listen to Hi Haters from 10pm eastern to midnight mondays-thursday. It’s available on demand as well. On yesterday’s podcast version, I told my path to barstool. It didnt involve anal sex and for that, I state my regret.