Discovery Channel Bringing Back Battle Bots But Not MXC ‘Most Extreme Elimination Challenge’ Is A Television Travesty

Source -  BattleBots is back. Above is your exclusive first look at Discovery Channel’s revival of the classic robot-fighting competition series.

For the uninitiated, no, BattleBots is not a Westworld spin-off. “Bot builders” pit their creations head-to-head in a cage match to the digital death. Each match consists of two lethal Roombas competing in a three-minute bout in which the goal is to destroy or disable their opponent.

Chris Rose and Kenny Florian return to call all the action, while Jessica Chobot serves as the sideline reporter. Faruq Tauheed is back as the ring announcer. The show first debuted on Comedy Central in 2000 and has been an on-again, off-again title, jumping briefly to ABC in 2015. The latest run is considered the title’s second revival series.

BattleBots returns Friday, May 11 at 8 p.m. to Discovery and Wednesday, May 16 at 9 p.m. to Science.

When I first heard that Battle Bots was coming back I was pumped. Coming home from middle school, ripping open a blue FLA-VOR-ICE Ice, and watching robots murder each other was my favorite pastime in the early 2000’s. To be honest, I’m surprised the show got a reboot. Homemade weaponry is a tough sell in 2018.  Regardless, I am excited. Based on the trailers it looks like the new the show is going to follow the exact same format as the old one. Kenny and Chris “calling the match” with Jessica Chobot interviewing the Dexter’s Laboratory-esque nerds after the fact bought back all sorts of memories. It took me going into a  Battle Bots YouTube hole to remember how dangerous those robots were.

It would’ve been really easy for one of the drivers to go rogue and drive that thing into the crowd. Thank God they didn’t.

At any rate, news of the reboot reminded me of my other favorite middle-school show: MXC Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. It was the Battle Bots lead-in and it was by far the funniest show on TV other than Chappelle’s Show. If you’ve never seen it do yourself a favor and watch. It’s essentially the Asian version of ABC’s Wipe Out except with no safety gear. Everyone’s voice is dubbed over with American voices to make them look like idiots. You had Guy LeDouche: the perverted, slightly homo-erotic field reporter.

Captain Tennell, the other field reporter whose job was to make the contestants uncomfortable.

Then you had Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship- the play by play guys

Every one of them was laugh out loud funny but the funniest part of the whole show was when contestants would say their one liners. I’d pick out a few but there are too many for me to choose from. So here’s an entire episode worth.

As crazy as the commentary was the was crazier. They had a segment called ‘sinkers and floaters’ where contestants would run as fast as they can across floating plywood lily pads until one broke resulting in a broken femur and/or drowning. Another challenge was people trying to run uphill through boulders. And mind you this was all being commented on through dubbed voices. It was great.

Which brings me to my point, if Discovery is bringing back Battle Bots they need to bring back MXC. They’re Peanut Butter and Jelly. You can’t have one without the other. I get that it would probably never happen considering how wildly inappropriate the show is by 2018 standards, but they should still tweak it and bring it back anyways. Ratings would go through the roof. So yeah, I’m going to watch the new Battle Bots, but no I’m not going to be happy about it. Because I know that when that show ends, Guy and company aren’t going to be on after. What a shame. Long live MXC.