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Stephen Piscotty Returned to the A's Lineup Last Night Just Days After Losing His Mom to ALS And Ripped a Base Hit in His First At Bat

Last night gave us an awesome yet super emotional scene as Stephen Piscotty returned to the Oakland A’s. I wrote about Piscotty’s story yesterday and how his mother sadly lost her battle to ALS just a few days ago. During the offseason the A’s and Cardinals’ GMs worked together in the offseason to trade Piscotty, a former Cardinals top prospect, to Oakland only so he could be within driving distance of his ailing mother. It was a move I don’t think I’ve ever seen, especially from the baseball world that is known for being a business where they put player’s personal lives to the side. Last night he returned to the lineup and got an awesome standing ovation by the A’s faithful, as well as the Astros players and coaches.

I would have crumbled into a million pieces if that was me just days after my mom passed. Piscotty stepped in and ripped a single into right field in his first at bat. He once again got a standing ovation. I don’t know how athletes like Favre, Isaiah Thomas, or Piscotty bounce back from tragic death like they do in such short time, but it’s inspiring to watch.  Good on everyone for the handling of this whole situation.

Fuck ALS