Woman Shatters The World Record For Burpees In An Hour While Also Doing Zero Burpees

Look, I dont wanna be a workout hardo because I’ve been back in the gym for four days. My tits are sore as shit from the insane pump that I got doing chest and tris yesterday. Pain is weakness leaving the body. That’s what I always say, folks.

I hate to shit down the neck of a fellow fitness lover but goodness gracious. Those arent burpees. Those aren’t anything. Those are a cheater’s way of getting in the record books and I dont respect it, and therefore, I will not log her world record. I was gonna record a video on how to do a proper burpee but I am much too sore today. If you play your cards right, I will do a series of fitness videos explaining the proper way to workout. I will not invite this Australian to join me. She is banned and rebuked. Between the koala bears that are filled to their cheeks with chlamydia and this lady with her diseased burpees, I have no idea what’s going in Australia but I aint spending any more time on it because, in the meantime, every three months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland.