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The Mayor of Denver's Son is Caught on Camera Throwing Gay Slurs at a Cop

SourceA Twitter account linked to Jordan Hancock, the son of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, includes years of anti-police sentiments that led up to a traffic stop tirade against a police officer during a traffic stop.

Jordan Hancock, 22, is shown in a video leaked to Contact7 Investigates from March berating an Aurora police officer after being pulled over for speeding.

“My dad’s the mayor, you f—king f—got!” Hancock is heard telling the officer in the video. “Guess what, I’m about to get you fired!”

The traffic stop happened in March after an officer clocked him going at least 25 miles over the 40 mile per hour speed limit.

Only a portion of the video was leaked to Denver7, and Aurora police have not released the full video, so it is unclear what stoked Hancock’s anger after he was pulled over. Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz posted a lengthy explanation as to why the video wasn’t being currently released on Tuesday evening.

But the Twitter timeline of an account linked to Hancock suggests his anger toward that police department goes back years.

“Quote me on this… F—K THE AURORA POLICE! Ol racist steretyping (sic) mothaf—kas!. You aint shit without that badget (sic) b—ch!” a tweet from 2013 says.

When this clip was first released late yesterday, it was a gawdawful terrible look for Jordan Hancock. I’m not saying it’s totally different now, but the Aurora PD isn’t doing themselves any favors not releasing the entire video, regardless of what their explanation is. The longer we go without seeing what preceded the verbal beef, the sketchier it looks giving Hancock seems to have a bad history with the police in town.

So while I’ll admit we don’t have all the info yet and maybe he’s not as bad as say, that ratchet New Jersey Port Authority commissioner, there is one part of this we do know for certain. One sin committed here that is absolutely, postively, unforgivable. Jordan Hancock served this cop a big, refillable jumbo cup of “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”

Nothing should go up the ass of a civilized society more painfully than the ol’ “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” When I am Jerry I, ,ruler of the kingdom of Thorntonpia, it will be outlawed. Punishable by death by Medieval-style public stoning, your family exiled, your animals slaughtered and your crops salted. In Massachusetts, every swinging dick who’s ever held a car door for some Town Councilman feels entitled to drop the DYKWIA any chance they get and it’s loathsome every time it’s tried.

And by the way, Mayor Michael Hancock, nice job of training up your son on how not to be an asshole. The first thing any dad with a brain in his head does when his kid is getting his permit is explain the only rule of a traffic stop. It’s the same one Dalton used to train the staff of the Double Deuce: Be nice. “Yes, officer. No, officer. I understand, officer.” Let the one with the badge, the gun and the legal authority to take your freedom away be in charge. Take the verbal abuse for as long as it takes for the nightmare to end, then be on your way. Fight it out later in court. Instead of embarrassing your father by acting like an entitled, self-important douche with no self-awareness even with a camera recording every word you say, use dad’s connections to get the ticket spiked later on. Dumbass.

Obviously there’s a racial element to this, but to me it’s mostly about how politicians – and the people they’re connected to – feel empowered to get away with whatever the hell they want. And I’ll be curious to see how it plays out next election season when the Mayor is sucking up to law enforcement and LBGT groups when they all know his son is running around calling the police “fucking faggots” and threatening to get them fired for doing their jobs.