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This Best Man Underdogs Speech Will Live On In Wedding Lore Forever


First off, the fact a family from the Main Line can even sarcastically claim they’re “Underdogs” is a hilarious notion by itself. This guy blatantly talks about his parents house having an addition so big he didn’t see his brother or wife for a year. I love it. But what an A+++ speech I wish we got our hands on months ago. The Best Man followed the Jason Kelce playbook to a T and saw immaculate success.

Ya gotta love the deep family demons getting tossed around here like it ain’t no thing. On the surface, sure, all things are funny to joke around about in front of everyone. But I can guarantee the shopaholic at the KOP Mall and the kid with the daily fantasy addiction on Fanduel sunk a little lower in their chairs when they got called out. The Facebook junkie Aunt was probably stewing on the inside, already thinking of which passive-aggressive Meme she could post about the wedding. And poor, poor anxious Tommy. The dude went to a D-1 school and can’t get a job. Just let the man get spanked off the dank and relive the glory days in peace.

All in all, a very creative, very funny speech. Now get ready for the copycats. And you know what? That’s alright. Well, as long as their original to each wedding while resentfully airing out family secrets. Gotta stay pure to the bloodline. #HungryDogsRunFaster