Students At Kentucky High School Give Janitor A Bag Of Cash So He Can Go Visit His Son Stationed In Italy



(Source) Wednesday marked the last day of school for students in Anderson County and they celebrated by surprising a staff member with a special gift. They gave janitor Ricky Spaulding enough money to see his family stationed overseas. Excited students and staff poured into the Anderson County High School gym for a pep rally which was the part of the cover for the surprise. “They said they had a spill and of course that’s my job so I went to clean the spill up,” Spaulding said. But instead of a mess, they presented him with a bag of money the students had collected totaling $1,900.

“My son is stationed in Italy and we are going to see him,” Spaulding said. “Words can’t describe the joy that I feel right now.” The secret donations started earlier this year when staff members heard that Spaulding hadn’t seen his son in a year and had never met his new grandson. “Ricky is such a great guy,” Principal Chris Glass said. “It’s hard not to give to his cause.” Ricky’s wife, Lisa Spaulding, calls the money a miracle and said it’ll pay for the invaluable time they’ll spend with their son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.



Few things.


1) Awesome gesture by these kids. A lot of people rag on kids these days for being morons and selfish pricks so it’s only fair to point out when kids aren’t being total shitheads, and this is definitely one of those times. Great move.


2) Not to be a downer or anything but do these kids know where Italy is? $1,900? Like I said, awesome gesture, but Italy isn’t in Florida guys. 1,900 dollars to go visit your son in Italy will get you 1 ticket in coach. Brutal to see a big bag of cash and think you’re going first class to Rome only to realize you’re going to be bargain hunting on for the next 3 months and will most likely have 17 layovers. Need some news station or rich dick to match the money so mom can go too.



3) The shirt, of course.

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Fucking love this guy Ricky. What a gem. You know he wears it every Wednesday too, just perfect.