Wake Up With Nyjer Morgan Throwing A Temper Tantrum During A Play Resulting In An Inside The Park Home Run

Man do I miss Nyjer Morgan, that guy was electric every time he stepped out on that field, you literally never knew what you were going to get when he was in the game. You could get a walkoff to lead your team to the NLCS like he did with the Brewers, you could get a fight and benches clearing, or he could be called out because he didn’t touch home plate and his teammates had to push him to the plate. What a guy, I can’t help but recall this play when I think of him.

Early in the 2010 season the Orioles traveled to DC to take on the Nats. A baby faced Adam Jones steps in the box and laces a ball that looks like it has a chance to get out. Morgan jumps to make a catch at the wall, but ends up batting the ball in the air. After looking at the replay, it’s clear the ball was not going to be over the fence. For some reason, Morgan thought he pushed the ball up over the fence. Cue the tantrum.

First he chucks the glove down like it owes him money. He doesn’t turn around to look for the ball, he continues to actually move away from it. He puffs his chest out, continues to pout, and doesn’t notice the left fielder sprinting in his direction to pick up the ball. The left fielder is now in right-center and has to make the throw back in. The cutoff man receives the throw and throws home but Jones beats the throw.

A hilarious clip all around, I could only imagine what was going through the other Nat’s heads as Morgan was pouting and throwing his equipment like a child. One of the best tantrums I’ve seen during a play.