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According To Desiigner's Personal Research, People Enjoy Songs With Vowels In Them

Mind blowing stuff here from Desiigner. I’ve honestly never thought about this before, and I hope it’s not too inside-baseball for everybody to understand (my extensive time as a musician is really aiding me with this one), but I’m pretty sure he’s made a technological breakthrough in the musical field. He’s basically saying that people (human beings, like us) enjoy songs (think: music) with vowels (A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y) featured predominantly in the their choruses or hooks. I’m sure there’s a lot more to that Desiigner isn’t telling us, as all great magicians never reveal their true secrets, but for now, that’s all he’s giving up. Probably why he threw an extra “i” in his name, just to get the people going a bit more!

Just personally, thinking about all of the songs that I’ve been enjoying recently, pretty much every one has featured at least one vowel. Hell, I can’t think of a song I like without one! This could change over time, obviously, but up to this point in my life, he’s correct. I have enjoyed songs with vowels present. Especially the ones with A’s in them. Man do those get me. How great are vowels, huh? They should start chargin’ for those things on Wheel of Fortune. Just incredibly overpowered when it comes to alphabet shit.

Thanks Desiigner!

P.S. My favorite part of this clip is the hosts of the radio show realizing that Desiigner is just spewing a bunch of dumb bullshit WAAAAY too far into the conversation. By the time those folks put two and two together they had to politely continue to hammer follow-ups about god damn vowels.

Host: “Oh would you look at that! Lemme see…’Bodak Yellow’?”

Desiigner: “Bod-A-A-A-A-A-K”

Host: “Ah, yes. Duh, silly me.”