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Koala Bears Are Riddled With Chlamydia Because They Are A Bunch Of Sluts

People are going nuts over this video and I’m not sure why. It normalizes koala’s behavior. The behavior isnt normal. Koala bears should be rubbing their uglies against each other at the drop of a hat. This isnt the fucking 1960s. This isnt Woodstock.

Look at these deviants.

Biting her neck and thrusting his adorable cock into the female whilst biting her neck and whathaveyou. All the while, another koala is sitting there just watching this barbaric act unfold.

John Oliver and his libtard friend are making light of chlamydia by having some jokes on their television show. While they are doing that, millions of koala bears’ pussies are on fire from chlamydia. If you wanna joke about an STD that can damage your reproductive system, make you have an abnormal vaginal discharge, and give you a burning sensation when urinating, that’s your choice. I, for one, will never joke about vaginal discharge whether it be normal or abnormal levels. That’s my promise to you.