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Time To Play Everyone's Favorite Game: Is JR Smith Talking About Weed Or Golf

JR is a goddamn quote machine and this is just another one to throw in the mix. With the Cavs sweeping the Raptors last night (RIP to everyone who thought the North would remember) JR went on with our guy Scott Van Pelt to drop this beautiful line.

Now, JR had a really strong series despite being sick for game 3. He finished shooting 63% from the floor and averaging 12.5 points per game, which included 0 on 0-for-2 shooting in that game 3. In yesterday’s game he was a perfect 6-for-6 and now the Cavs have off until at least Sunday afternoon and possibly until next week if the Celtics/Sixers series goes 7. That means we’re getting JR doing JR things, which include the following:


Now, JR is actually a really skilled golfer and notoriously wanted to play 27 holes before Game 3 this week. So my question is, is JR Smith talking about golfing or weed when he refers to the green he’s hitting today? My answer? Both.