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The KFC Radio Vlog Is Out Starring Hank Azaria Struggling With The Barstool Bathroom Situation

I think we’ve done some sufficient bitching about the bathroom over the last few months, Dan even peed in the sink for quite a while, but now it’s affecting our guests and to say it’s mortifying would be an understatement. It’s nerve-wracking enough meeting celebrities and whatnot, try having to pray that they’ll be able to take a piss before your show starts. Hank Azaria has been a celebrity for like 30 years. He’s done everything from date Phoebe to voice like half the characters on the Simpsons to steal Ben Stiller’s wife to Jim Brockmire. I can guarantee you in all his years of celebrity he’s never had to deal with something like this. For us peons it’s fine, we don’t deserve bathrooms. But when we’ve got famous folks here pissing into pots it’s a problem.

PS – Yes I absolutely despise myself for using the word vlog, but I hated blog too at one point and I seem to have gotten over that.