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The Theme Music From The Halo Menu Screen Took Over The Internet This Weekend... But Who Sung It Better?

The theme/menu music from Halo: Combat Evolved… One of the most recognizable and enjoyable theme songs from any video game EVER. Nostalgia like no other. And it absolutely took over the weekend thanks to this dude whipping out his best recreation on a lazy Sunday…

28k retweets in one day… WHAT?! Where’s the love for the OG Halo Kid? Look this dudes got chops for sure but he’s no superstar. The friend chirping like a banshee in the background doesn’t help the ambience either.

But folks none of that matters anyway cause the real MVP took over the Halo theme niche years ago, beltin’ out a true beauty in the Northwestern football locker room. Angelic intervals? Waterfalls in the background?

Now THAT is ambience folks.

And old tape wasn’t enough for the king. He heard those whispering footsteps coming for the crown and DMed Barstool Gametime a fresh new cut. You know that new sound you’re looking for of that old video game menu? Well THIS is it!

I’m talking Mt Pompeii-Instant Ash Statue-FIRE FLAMES status… ALL HAIL THE KING!

Sufficed to say, his Kingdom is secure. 100k+ retweets here we come. And the craziest part of it all? OG Halo Kid Man just got signed by our Philadelphia Eagles after the NFL draft.

The rich get richer ey boys?! Let’s gooooo -BCN

Who was the #1 theme song singer? Halo Kid or Halo Man? Leave a comment below!

I am Team MAN.