16 Years Ago Today, We Were Talkin' About Practice

As the Sixers face elimination tonight, let us take a step back and reminisce about a simpler time. Over a decade and a half later, the legend of Iverson’s Practice rant lives on. 4 days after being eliminated, ironically, by the Celtics in the first round of the 2002 Eastern Conference playoffs while (allegedly) blitzed to the moon, Allen Iverson took the podium to talk about…practice. A rant that has not been forgotten and will one day belong to the ages. Everybody has talked about practice one way or another in the 16 years since Iverson went off on the Philly media. I mean, look at Yao Ming with the atomic bomb level bomb:

Oh Yao. The man has (had?) a family. At least The Answer is staying strong following The Process in 2018:

Keep on doing the damn thing, AI. That Reebok payday is a little under a decade away. Hold on tight, please. But for real, all of Iverson’s stuff off the hardwood has always been entertaining, but never forget just how amazing this man was on the court. Ever.