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I'm Watching "It's Always Sunny" For The First Time: The Gang Gets Racist


For years, people have been telling me to watch, It’s Always Sunny, but I just haven’t done it. I feel like the two greatest shows that I have missed out on is Breaking Bad and It’s Always Sunny. I decided to change that this weekend.

After getting very frustrated that I couldnt remember my Hulu password, I was all logged in and ready to go. Let me say this before we really get going. Hulu’s ads are bullshit. I, for one, will never upgrade so that I dont have to watch ads. I will just check twitter and Instagram during the commercials and say, “this is bullshit” under my breath. Although, I do think that I will like one of the shows that is being promoted heavily on Hulu. It’s on the Starz channel so my hopes aren’t that high. Is Starz just HBO for poor people? More on that later.

The Gang Gets Racist:

I will share with you the exact same comments that I shared with my dog when the opening screen popped up and said, “The Gang Gets Racist.”


That’s a bold move for a pilot episode, friends. Sweet Dee brings her new fella into the bar and Charlie, Dennis, and Mac are all taken aback because the fella is,,,,black. During that exchange, I got really excited about the series because the dialogue was so perfect. Usually the pilot episodes take some getting used to and chemistry isnt there. That’s not the case here.

“whoa whoa whoa. We dont want any trouble.” Crying emoji.

I dont think I’ve ever recognized with anything more than I recognized with ole Dennis when the gay dudes were loving his style. He started hamming it up for the crowd, bringing in mad tips, and possibly… just possibly done in the butt. Dennis having sex with those dudes is the first cliffhanger in the show. I kinda hope he did have some sex. Good for him, right?

Charlie is everyone who has had a crush on someone. You do stupid shit, go out of your way to see them, and it never works out. Now, I’m typing this with only seeing one episode so dont spoil it for me if they get married like Chandler and Monica. How wonderful would that be though? Charlie and the waitress. Wedding bliss. Children. I can see it now. Incredible.

Overall, I give the first episode 4.2 Balls. The timing of the jokes is so perfect and I cant wait for more.

“And hookups are good.”