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Why Didn't SNL Air This "The Other Cavaliers" Sketch Last Night?

I get SNL is a show that is strapped for time, only so many skits and sketches can make it into their ~43 minute show, that they have a rehearsal show the night of where they make last minute changes and see what a live audience actually responds to before broadcasting to the rest of the world. But this? This was objectively good. And it was funny. It wasn’t the pinnacle of comedy by any stretch of the imagination but it was more “funny because it’s true” kind of funny.

I guess in 2018 it doesn’t really matter if it makes the live show since it still gets posted, shared and seen by more people than if it just aired during their hour slot but my initial reaction was this was somehow LeBron’s doing. Like when Jordan Crawford dunked all over him and he made Nike scrub it from the internet. SNL reached out to LeBron earlier in the week, showed him this video, he laughed, he cried, then he became too upset with how real it was and demanded it not to air because he doesn’t appreciate the reality of his current situation being mocked in such a public forum. So they agreed to not air it, but since SNL knows LeBron is in the middle of Zero Dark 30: 23, they knew they could still leak it out to the masses on all social media platforms, away from the watchful eye of LeBron.

After he ripped the spine out of the Raptors last night, LeBron probably poured a glass of wine from the early 1700s, tuned in to SNL, laughed heartily at the Migos sketch, tapped his toes to the new Childish Gambino track, and then went to bed happy that SNL acquiesced his demands and didn’t air what could have been a rather detrimental sketch to his locker room. He’s going to be so mad when he finds out it hit the web when he gets back online in June.