HISTORY: Astros Pitcher Collin McHugh Becomes First Pitcher To Use A Bullpen Cart Since They Made Their Triumphant Return

We have been so spoiled with baseball history in the last 24 hours. Albert Pujols joined the 3,000 hit club, we saw a combined no-hitter by the Dodgers, Gerrit Cole recorded the 14th game in major league history that was a Game Score of 100 or better, and tonight…the first bullpen cart ride since bullpen carts made their triumphant return this year.

All that other stuff, somewhat forgettable. But I will NEVER forget where I was when I saw that bullpen gate open, and that feeling of intense anticipation as I waited to catch my first glimpse of that beautiful, four-wheeled sex machine. It did not disappoint one bit. That bullpen cart came rolling out with Collin McHugh in the back, as he went on to throw an inning and a third scoreless, lowering his ERA to 0.68 on the season. What a moment!