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Mickstape Pregamed LIVE From The Heart Of Philly Along With Smitty & Rone

Watch @MickstapeShow invades Philly with Smitty & Rone… Celtics-76ers Pregame @StoolGametime from Barstoolsports on www.twitch.tv

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Coley and Tyler tore it up in Boston but the Mickstape boys ain’t done yet! We traveled down to the heart of Philly with Smitty & Rone and went right into the belly of the beast. Streaming live from Bullies Pub at the Xfinity Live Center, the Mickstape and Philly boys went at it for 2 hours of Brotherly Love.

It was a helluva time and a great way to get lubed up for Game 3. Shout out to everyone for coming out and also joining us in the Twitch stream, it’s been great here so far. Granted I am wearing our Scary Terry shirt so it certainly can’t be guaranteed that my safety will continue. Either way, let’s have a goddamn time tonight.

Because least out there I have a watchful defender. A silent guardian. A very scary, Terry.


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