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From The Battle Rap Champion of the World To SI Swimsuit Proposals...From Jim Brockmire To Thanos And the Avengers...From Adam Pally To Uncle Blazer...This Week With KFC Radio


Behind The Blog: The Rise of Rone –  We went Out Of Office with your boy Adam Ferrone. Rone just turned 30, dropped an EP and wrote a blog wrapping up his 20s We got into it with him about how he ended up at Barstool and just life in general. More Behind the Blog interviews coming soon.

Part 1

Part 2


Hank Azaria & Jim Brockmire stopped by Barstool HQ.


Neither of them were very impressed. We might have been the first to people to ever watch Brockmire. If you aren’t in on this show yet, you are in for a treat. Go binge season 1 on demand. Season 2 out now.

Avengers Infinity War #TeamThanos (***SPOILERS***)


Love is in the air! Feits goes Out of Office and continues his depressing life by spending the whole day with Super Model Camille Kostek

Full length KFC Radio Quickie with Camille:

One Minute Man Rant: Modesty Ponchos are an injustice to men and women alike


Adam Pally (The Mindy Project, Happy Endings) stops by, is also not impressed with HQ. He answered voicemails about a girl with dentures and what the best position in sports is.

We also had the cast of HiHaters in to talk about their new radio show, their new podcast, and sticking candy in your vagina


Feit Club Rant: Prom Dresses = Cultural Appropriation nowadays apparently

One Minute Man: Liberal Cucks Mock Conservative Snowflake Too Weak To Tear Sign In Half


Blake Anderson from Workaholics invited us to go to a bar. We accepted. Honestly the publicist only gave us like 10 minutes with him for the interview but I dont even care. If you get to have a couple beers with Uncle Blazer you say yes.

Mets Therapy Session #3 with Clem: We dodged a bullet with deGrom but the dirty little secret is that we aren’t that good. Also Clem joins us back in reality once again. Meet The Mets, Meet the Mets! Step Right up and Kill Yourself!