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Hopkins And Ohio State Lax Were Droppin' Spoons And Chuckin' Knucks

So Hopkins and Ohio St were playing in the Big Ten Tournament tonight. Things got a little testy when Hopkins goalie Brock Turnbaugh decided to be fucking Superman and try to clear the ball all on his own. Just a little word of advice to all you goalies out there–if you try to run the ball, every single attackman in the nation is trying to light you the fuck up. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t even matter if you’re the attackman’s mom. If you’re a goalie and you try to run the clear, you’re getting the shit slashed out of you at the very least. At the very most, you’ll get blown up like this and then a bench brawl ensues.

Again, it’s nothing personal. That’s just the way she goes sometimes. It’s playoff lacrosse. Good news for Turnbaugh and the Jays is that Hopkins would get the last laugh in this one. Hop scored in the final seconds of the game to win themselves a date with Maryland against in the Big Ten Championship.

In case you somehow forgot, here’s how the first matchup between Hopkins and Maryland ended last week.

P.S. – Wouldn’t be surprised if Petro has somebody from OSU swimming with the fishes by the end of the night.