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Are the Celtics Being 4,5 Pt Underdogs Again Tonight The Greatest Slap In the Face To Any Team Since The Advent Of Teams?


I have a few questions for people.

1.  Have the Celtics lost a home playoff game this year?

Answer: No.

2. Were the Celtics 4.5 point underdogs at home in Game 1 vs. Philly?

Answer: Yes.

3. Did the Celtics humiliate the Sixers in that game and win by 100?

Answer: Yes (metaphorically speaking it felt like 100)

4. Did I tell everybody to bet on the Celtics in Game 1?

Answer: Yes I did.

5. What has changed between game 1 and game 2?

Answer: Nothing.

6. What is the spread tonight?

Sixers -4.5

6. How is that possible?

Answer: I have no fucking idea.

I means seriously this is INSANE.   Either the Sixers are the most overrated team in the history of sports or the Celtics are the most disrespected.  But whatever the case may be don’t think for a second that these young Celtics are overlooking the fact that everybody is saying Game 1 was a fluke.  That everybody has crowned Embid and Simmons as the best 1-2 young punch in basketball even though they were thoughoruly outplayed by Scary Terry and Jason Tatum in game 1.    I honestly don’t know what’s going on here?  It’s almost like people haven’t watched the Celtics all season.  Game 1 was no fluke and the fact that everybody is saying it was will only motivate them to prove it again.  The Celtics haven’t lost at home all playoffs and it’s not starting tonight.  If you didn’t listen to me in Game 1 shame on you.  If you don’t listen to me in Game 2 I don’t know what to say.   It doesn’t get any easier than this folks.   Hammer the Celts every day off camera every way.