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Knicks Reportedly Hire David Fizdale As New Head Coach


I know we hear this phrase all the time on this site, but LETSSSSSSS FUCKINGGGGGGG GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! During this entire coaching search, I hoped either Coach Fiz or Coach Bud would end up as the Knicks coach. But I also figured they were way too smart or sought after to end up with the Knicks. But David Fizdale has agreed to coach the Knicks and take James Dolan’s money, so he is now part of our support group at 33rd and 7th. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. TAKE THAT FOR DATA! I even updated my favorite newspaper cover ever.


Compared to years past, this Knicks front office actually seemed to do their due dilligence and interview a wide array of candidates. I personally was scared of a hire like Mark Jackson, Mike Woodson, or Kenny The Fucking Jet Smith coming from the clouds. So none of them getting the job was a W. I would have been happy with Coach Bud, but I imagine Bud will probably land with a team in a much better place than the Knicks (Milwaukee?). I had talked myself into David Blatt as well because I honestly didn’t think we had a shot at a guy like Fiz unless we threw a boatload of cash at him. And maybe that’s what happened. But again, now he’s here and that’s all that matters. The Knicks have a head coach that took the Griz to a 43-39 record his first season, went 6 games against Pop and the Spurs, and then lost a power struggle with the team’s star. That shit will happen to good coaches. But Fiz is universally respected by peeople around the league and even had guys like Stephen Jackson speak out on his behalf and start a beef with Chandler Parsons just because that was his guy.



Then again, I’m sure Stephen Jackson looks at his calendar and if he hasn’t been involved in some sort of tiff, he’ll start some shit.

But there was also this guy named LeBron that seemed to enjoy his time with Fizdale when they were together in Miami.

Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat - Game Two

It is almost #LeBronToNYSZN after all. Could this be the year it actually happens?


Hahahhaha fuck no. I’m just happy the Knicks have a good coach that can walk in with low expectations next year since Kristaps Porzingis is out for at least half the season and the Knicks actually seem to be embracing somewhat of a youth movement. If Steve Mills can allow Scott Perry and Fizdale to do their thing while keeping Dolan at bay, maybe this franchise will go from a five alarm blaze tire fire to a four to a three and then maybe one day extinguished. Because if you can’t get behind a smart coach (at least before he chose James Dolan as his boss) respected around the league who says this after a playoff game against one of the greatest coaches ever


And has the game to land a wife like this








then I don’t know what to tell you.

So now we’ll get what we always do in New York. Talk about how this coach will be the person to fix the shitty basketball that just happened to start when James Dolan bought the team followed by pictures of him holding a basketball next to Dolan and/or whoever is Dolan’s current Hand of the King.


Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, James Dolan, Mike D'Antoni, Donnie Walsh




A tradition unlike any other. Can’t wait to write this type of blog again in 2-3 years.

I kid. I kid.

I hope.