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What's Your Biggest Regret In Life? Because Mine Might Be Missing The John Madden/Steve Mariucci Annual Bocce Tournament







(Source) John Madden & Steve Mariucci co-host the annual Battle of the Bay charity bocce event. This event is an exclusive invite-only affair nestled beneath the hills of the Livermore Valley Vineyards.



How am I just finding out about this? Apparently this has been going on for 15 years. Did people know this? Am I just that late to the party? An invite only bocce charity tournament with John Madden? Read that again. An invite only bocce tournament with John Madden. Now tell me if there is anything in this world you would rather attend? Because I can’t think of one. Playing 18 at Augusta? Running with the Bulls? Taking batting practice at Wrigley? Nah man, bocce and red wine with John Madden and Mooch. Just shooting the shit and beating up on some nuns on the clay courts. Bowl on.





John Madden strikes me as a guy who farts every time he makes a movement





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