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$600,000 Falling Out Of The Back Of A Brinks Truck Is Proof That The American Dream Isn't Dead

(Source)- Indiana State Police are asking anyone who found loose money on I-70 Wednesday money to return it. A chaotic scene unfolded around 9:00am on westbound I-70, near Holt Road, when the back security door on a Brinks truck came open. “Bags of money were falling out of the back onto the interstate,” said ISP Corporal Brock McCooe. “Sort of something out of a movie scene, where you have bills, loose bills flying all over the interstate, vehicles stopping, people getting out of their cars.” Troopers at the scene initially said up to $600,000 had flown across the interstate, but police later said the exact amount was not known.

The Brinks truck driver told state police that another driver waved at him and pointed to the back of his truck, and that’s when he realized the door was not secure and had opened. It’s not known whether the incident was the result of mechanical failure, or human error, police said. Troopers say people were jumping over fences from the adjacent neighborhood to stuff their pockets with money. “I guess it’s not every day you see thousands of dollars just floating around on the interstate during your morning commute,” McCooe said. “So it was pretty chaotic.” McCooe said taking money from the scene was considered theft.

In particular, police say they are looking for a school bus driver who stopped to grab cash before driving the bus away from the scene. They are also looking for four individuals in a white pickup truck, pulling a utility trailer, who made off with one of the bags of money. Perrine says they are searching for anyone who stopped to pick up the cash; they can be charged with theft. ISP says they are already getting tips with license place numbers from people who stopped to pick up the money.

As somebody that dreams of escaping his life and meeting Andy Dufresne in Zihuatanejo every time I see an unattended Brinks truck, lets just say this story got blood rushing to all the right places. Driving your car and finding a shitload of free money on the road is as close to the American Dream as any of us will ever see. And just like any dream, what you do with it is up to you. The smart people like me would be shoving cash ANYWHERE it could fit before driving as far away as possible. The IDIOTS are the people that recorded all this on their phone while the smart people stack chips like Frito Lay.

However the one thing I don’t like is this talk about people Narcing on each other. I know Midwesterners are supposedly good people to their core. But to snitch on people that took the money and ran is ridiculous. Shit like that is how us commoners stay under the thumb of The Man. Out of all the people mentioned in this story, I hope nobody rats on that school bus driver the most. Having to listen to a bunch of shitty kids yell and scream every morning and afternoon could drive even the nicest person snap. That bus driver deserves every dollar he got of that bank’s hard-earned money.

And all this nonsense about people that take the money being charged with theft is just that. Nonsense. When money is loose on a road in America, it is Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers. That’s Day 1 stuff you learn in kindergarten.

h/t Bailey