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With The Weather Finally Getting Nice, It's Time To Remind Everybody That Ice Cream Sandwiches Are The Superior Frozen Treat


So pretty cool moment if you’ve been anywhere near outside today as you can pretty much break a sweat just by standing still. At least at this very moment, it appears that winter in the Northeast has finally come to an end once and for all. Life is good. You can start to hit up some outdoor bars. You don’t have to bring a jacket with you to work. You can drive with the windows down. It’s all very exciting stuff.

Now while all of that stuff certainly beats the shit out of freezing your dick off in 35-degrees and rainy weather, the warmer weather does come with a price of it’s own. That price, of course, being the fact that you’re hot as heck and if you don’t find a way to cool yourself off soon then your ass is going to turn into the state of Louisiana. One of my favorite ways to cool off to avoid copious amounts of swamp ass? Well I find that there’s nothing better than a good ol’ fashion frozen treat.

Clearly I’m aware that we live in a world filled with different people who have different tastes. Different strokes for different folks, if you will. So I fully understand that not everybody is going to have the same opinion as I do in regards to which frozen treats are the best. Some people may be ice cream lovers. Others may be advocates of water ice. Popsicle people surely exist as do gelato enthusiasts and the froyo gang. However, I can assure you that my opinion is undoubtedly the most correct one. That in a world filled with endless varieties of frozen treats, the ice cream sandwich reigns supreme.

It’s just that perfect mixture of everything you’re looking for. It’s not trying too much but it certainly isn’t trying too less either. It’s reliable, it’s effective, and it’s delicious as hell. And I’m not talking about a Chipwich or anything new age like that. I’m just talking straight up ice cream sandwich. Vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookie wafer ends. There is something to be said about a frozen treat that just sticks to the basics and still continues to crush it for generations and generations. The ice cream sandwich is that frozen treat.

Now if there was one complaint I would file against the ICS, it would be that occasionally the paper wrapper will get stuck to the cookie.


Nothing worse than when you’re ready to just dive in on an ice cream sandwich and all of a sudden that paper wrapper turns into a stage 5 clinger. Sure, it may only be about a minute-long inconvenience. But it’s still mildly infuriating at least. Besides that, though, it doesn’t get any better than the ice cream sandwich. Perfect size, perfect texture, perfect taste. It can’t be beat.

And I’ll tell ya what, man. Saturday is going to be a day. We’ve got Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and Game 3 of Sixers vs Celtics all in one day. I don’t mean to brag or anything but I can assure you that I will be putting back at least 10-12 of these suckers on Saturday. Again, don’t mean to brag but it’s the truth.