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Pork-Rollin' Into A New Ice Cream Flavor And Hangover Cure

My hangovers are getting more stubborn with age; it takes less alcohol to get one and more time to get over one than it used to. (Tip: Buy the Lavender & Sweet Vanilla scented Hefty bags. It’s like you’re throwing up in a beautiful, spring field all day.)

hefty bag

In those desperate times, there’s only ever been two things my body can handle. Porkroll sandwiches and milkshakes. So I am thrilled to announce the Philly/Jersey area has a new hybrid that combines them both for me. Behold: Porkroll Ice Cream.

It’s the first of Windy Brow Farm’s “Only In Jersey” ice cream collection. Any guesses for the next flavor? I’m thinking an ode to South Jerz with notes of cinnamon-smoked 4 wheeler exhaust & refreshing hints of pine from the barrens.

Porkroll AKA Taylor Ham AKA Yung P-Roll is pork blended with a mix of spices, salt, a sugar cure, and preservatives. Then it’s smoked before being packaged into slices of the perfect thickness. Heat it up on a skillet and it splits into a Pac-Man of salty deliciousness. Slice of american, egg, pepper, hot-sauce, kaiser roll… heaven. And just when I thought it couldn’t be improved, they’ve gone and mixed it with my other favorite thing.

Other places have tried to make a unique Philly flavor with porkroll’s mysterious cousin, scrapple. I’m afraid to google it because I don’t want to ruin it for myself, but I’m pretty sure it’s just little patties of whatever gets left on the killin’ floor at the slaughter house. Delish when it’s sliced thin and fried up with some syrup. But no good for hangovers or ice cream.

ian malcolm

(Genuinely excellent in beer though.)

Within my own personal DelCo-area religion, I’m excited to have a new exorcist to help cast the hangover out of me. .. Caramelized porkroll, tossed in cinnamon and sugar and added to a maple-based ice cream with syrup-soaked Challah French toast mixed in…. Expect me there in desperate need this Sunday.