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Romeo Langford's Dad Says Kansas Was Ruled Out Due To FBI Investigation

Well, it’s no surprise we’re starting to hear some of this stuff come out. With the first big time recruiting announcement since Kansas and NC State were tied into the FBI investigation we had a family member of the recruit say the FBI investigation played a role in this. We saw the initial wave of backlash with Arizona losing commits and Louisville, but that was due to the assistant coaches being arrested. Remember, the Kansas and NC State situations are a tad different and also Kansas is simply on another level as every other school listed. But, the main reason as to why Kansas is a bit different is the fact that there are no coaches or administrators from Kansas listed in the documents. The documents state that a player (assumed to be Silvio De Sousa) received payment from Adidas to play at Kansas.

It’s worth noting that even without the FBI investigation there is a good chance Langford still chooses Indiana over Kansas. He’s a kid from New Albany, IN who stayed in New Albany for his entire high school career. He likes the notion of playing at home and helping restore Indiana as a true blueblood in the game. But, the fact that his father talked about ruling Kansas out – which happened 20 days before the announcement – is incredibly newsworthy.

To me, the recruiting aspect was always more intriguing than whether or not banners would be taken down or games vacated. I don’t give a damn about vacated games. They happened. We remember the game happening. We remember who won. That’s a real thing. What I do care about is the future of teams. I still believe Kansas will recruit at a fairly high level and when you look at the class of 2019 you see names like Bryan Antoine, Scottie Lewis, Matthew Hurt, James Wiseman and Cole Anthony all on Kansas radar. Those are the top-10 players in the class, just like Romeo Langford was on most recruiting boards. Will this lingering FBI investigation deter that group from coming to Kansas?

All in all just another day where this FBI investigation is looming over college basketball. Can we get this thing over with already?