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The Day Is Eventually Going To Come When Tom Wilson Gets Exactly What Is Coming To Him

Let’s just get right to this. A lot of people probably consider Tom Wilson to be a goon or a clown. I’ll admit that he’s at least a little more than that. Do I think he’s a great hockey player? No, not by any stretch. You could throw me out there on a line with Ovi and Kuznetsov and I’d still manage to put up 20-30 points a season just by having my stick on the ice. But I wouldn’t say his sole purpose for being out on the ice is strictly for enforcing purposes. I’ll say that Tom Wilson is a throwback. At his very best, he is an effective power forward which makes him the last of a dying breed. So my own personal disdain for the guy aside, I understand that he has a role on this Washington Capitals team and has the capability to be pretty decent at that role from time to time.

Now with that being said… Tom Wilson is eventually going to get what is coming his way and there’s not a single person in the world who will be able to feel sorry for the guy. This hit on Zach Aston-Reese from last night. Truth be told, it’s probably just a borderline hit. People who constantly try to defend Tom Wilson (who just so happen to only ever be Caps fans) will show you this screenshot and scream as loud as they can about this being a shoulder-on-shoulder hit.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.41.28 AM

They’ll cry and cry about the only reason why people hate Tom Wilson is because “he’s bigger and hits harder than everybody”. They’ll bring up the fact that his suspension history was non-existent until 2017 and even then has only had to serve a handful of games. But that’s not the issue with Tom Wilson at all. That’s what Capitals fans are too dumb to understand. The issue with Tom Wilson is that he has absolutely zero regard for anybody’s safety out there. He has absolutely zero respect for the rest of the players out there on the ice. He constantly has these borderline hits where you can tell that safety plays no role in his decision and the only thing on his mind is to inflict as much bodily harm as possible. Like breaking Aston-Reese’s jaw here and concussing him.

Am I saying that Tom Wilson should stop playing a physical game because he’s hurting too many people? No. But I’m sure certain people won’t read this full blog and just assume that’s what I’m saying. I think if Tom Wilson wasn’t such a selfish asshole, he’d actually be pretty great for the sport. Big hits will always be a major part of hockey and Tom Wilson keeps them alive. But it’s this selfish shit right here that makes him scum.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.52.30 AM

This moment right here. Wilson and Aston-Reese lock eye-contact. It’s not like Aston-Reese tries to turn away to avoid contact to make the hit look worse than it actually was. So in this moment, Tom Wilson has two decisions. He can either stay on the trajectory he’s on and make contact on Aston-Reese high enough on the shoulder that he rides up and ends up breaking his jaw with his shoulder. Or he can try to land a big hit but target the body so that nobody has to have their brains scrambled. Tom Wilson has zero regard for Aston-Reese, though, so obviously he just goes with option 1. And that’s what makes him a piece of shit. You can still make an impact on the game with your body in a way that does fuck with people’s brains. But Tom Wilson doesn’t have enough respect for opposing players to change. So eventually there is going to come a time when somebody else ends up changing it for him. It’s the way life goes.

P.S. – I know a lot of people think Don Cherry is out of his damned mind and just some senile old man who spews nonsense between periods. But this take about the equipment in today’s game is spot on.