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Yoenis Cespedes' Thumb Is So Healthy That He Is In The Mets Lineup Tonight

Did Mickey Callaway do it again or did Mickey Callaway do it again? I’ll admit that I sounded like one of those Chicken Little Mets Fans yesterday when it seemed like Yo may get to know the DL real well. But like I’ve been saying all season, this year is different. Ray Ramirez has been banished back to his home planet and he can no longer wipe out half of the Mets roster with the snap of a finger.

Forget about Yo missing a week or a month. He didn’t miss a fucking game. I’ve been saying this season was different because of the juju and this is just the latest example of it. We have salt and pepper shakers on the base paths, Hadji on Twitter, and the baseball gods no longer railing us in the ass. Sure if this injury had gone the other way, I’d be Googling to see if the 59th Street bridge was closer to HQ than the GWB. But it didn’t. Because things are different with Mickey at the helm and a person I don’t even know as head trainer no matter what Cranky Clancy says. There will be no C-wording da saeson anytime soon.

See you all November 2nd!


UPDATE: I didn’t see these tweets because I wrote this blog before recording a Mets Therapy Session where I was very cocky about the Mets dodging a bullet (the podcast will come out tomorrow). I would say I’m not worried but I would feel a lot better if Yo just got the MRI based off everything I’ve seen as a Mets fan. But fuck it, we gucci.