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Old Man Says He Has Robot Sex Daily with 5 Different Sexbots


SourceRealbotix, based in California, is one of the world’s leading firms creating ultra-realistic androids that talk, follow orders and remember your sexual preferences.

[One of] company founder and CEO Matt McMullen’s … loyal customers, an elderly man known only as Brick, has bought five of Matt’s extremely realistic sex dolls for his own personal use.

“They’re beautiful. Each and every one of them are different in one way or another,” he said.

Brick, who wishes to remain anonymous, is one of many customers waiting for Matt to release the highly anticipated AI version … “You lock eyes with these dolls, it’s surreal,” Brick told CNS News.

“It makes it better. It makes it more realistic. It makes it more real.” …

Brick said that owning five “beautiful” RealDoll sex dolls allows him to express himself sexually.

“I’m very sexual. I can have sex every day – even at my age,” he said. …

“I think women enjoy my company more now because basically I want to be a friend,” explained Brick.

“If I like them, they really want to know that I like them.”

Take that, all you doubters. All you anti-technology Luddites and judgmental Puritans who think there’s something unnatural about a man having sex with a robot. Brick … sweet Brick … he just wants to invite ladies to the Pants Party. But the women of his age group are too old to go. And for most men of his age, trying to have sex with anyone is like trying to shoot pool with a rope.

So what is a daily, tireless, insatiable sexual being like my man Brick supposed to do? Just go without? Let all those perfectly useful erections go to waste? That would be the crime against nature. Not good, wholesome, clean sex between a consenting adult and a vaguely humanoid machine. Five to be exact. Because you can’t ask a man with his sexual appetite to be a one FemBot man.

I mean, even the old ladies at the home are getting something out of it. Attention. Companionship. A man to listen to all their yammering about how their daughters never call and their grandkids just stared into their phones all during Easter without doing it just to get himself laid. Brick doesn’t fear the Friendzone. He dominates the Friendzone because he knows he’s got five fully charged sex engines waiting for him back in this room with their mechanical vaginas turned up to 10 and their mouths set to “Stunning.” So everybody wins. Fear the technology all you want but you’ll just be denying that the future is here. And men like Brick the machine-loving machine already own it.