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CEO Caught Singing, "We're In The Money" While Waiting To Talk About Billion Dollar Merger

I didn’t look any further into this. I’m gonna go ahead and admit that right off the top. I don’t know if that CEO is a good guy or a bad guy or a terrible guy. He could’ve killed somebody for all I know. That video made me laugh and that’s as far as I looked into it. Sue me. Not to mention this seems totally fine to me. I’m not exactly sure why people are freaking out (again, that evidence might be available but I didn’t look). What did he do wrong? He’s the CEO of a company that is part of a merger and I’m guessing he’s about to make a boat load of money. Sing! Sing your heart out! You’re rich! Go nuts! If anything, he should be applauded for showing real emotion. He’s just supposed to accept his newfound richness and not express himself in any way? Seems lame.

I will say, this is very much on the CEO. He brought this on himself. The dude is sitting in front of a camera. Maybe don’t say or sing anything you think people might get pissed about. It’d be one thing if somebody filmed him with their cell phone and he didn’t know it. He knew he was on camera cause, well, there was a giant camera staring him in the face. A little awareness next time. It’ll go a long way.