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A Zimbabwean's Take: 67 Year Old Man Survives A Vicious Lion Attack

Source – A wildlife park owner was savagely mauled by a lion in front of screaming onlookers after he entered the animal’s enclosure.

I know Chaps blogged this already, but seeing as though I grew up around shit like this I may provide a bit more insight. This video was sent to me yesterday by my cousin. Hand up, I didn’t put it out there till I got confirmation of his survival. You don’t wanna be that guy. It’s 2018 so you never know how people would react. Now that it’s out there can we talk about how dumb the people involved in this are?

In case you weren’t aware, lions are an extremely dangerous animal. They aren’t really known to be man-eaters but when your hand is forced, your hand is forced. Couple pointers here:

  • If you think a lion is going to pick a ribeye steak (or whatever the hell that dude was trynna lure it with) over a fully grown human, you gotta be the biggest idiot on the planet. Get better bait.
  • Why the hell would you send a 67 year old guy into a lions den?
  • What the hell was he trying to checkout in the enclosure?

Credit to the old man though. Teaching moment here folks of which I’m sure he had some form of lion behavioral training. Back at the village the elders tell us that if a lion or an elephant charge you, you hold your ground. I know this sounds preposterous and its human nature to run. So if that happens and the lion happens to get ahold of you, play dead. Lions love a good tussle.  The fact that they put the lion down is such bullshit, but hey at least the guy lives to see another day. Just another day in Africa folks