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Jon Stewart Tears Off Shirt, Gets In MMA Fighter's Face

Was that headline a bit click-baity? Perhaps. But settle in because you’re already here!

This past week former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, MMA’s Max Holloway, UFC’s Paige Vanzant, celeb chef Robert Irvine and former NBA All-Star Rip Hamilton went around the world, from Japan to Iraq & Afghanistan, to meet with troops and lift morale.

In 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for the creation of an organization that would entertain, support morale, and enable recreation for U.S. troops. In response, Mary Ingraham started the USO (United Service Organization). They make travel more comfortable (the Philly airport USO has sweet recliners & unlimited Tastycakes), communication with home a bit easier, and help break up the monotony and/or stress of life overseas by bringing celebrities, athletes, bands, comedians, etc. to do meet & greets and perform.

My favorite USO performance of all time would have to be the late, great Robin Williams at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. I’ve seen the video several times before, but watching it again this morning really tugged on the ‘ol heart-strings. In it, he’s already started telling jokes when Retreat (played while the flag goes down for the evening) goes off. He handles it with grace, respect and quick-witted humor, and you can feel the appreciation from the troops. If you need a pick-me-up I highly recommend watching:

And a quick shout-out to Jon Stewart, who has always walked his talk when it comes to going above and beyond for our military.

Hey El Prez, when are we all headed over?!