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Online Poker In The United States Took A Huge Step Forward Today

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Online Poker Report - Thanks to a pact known as the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association, operators in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are now permitted to share liquidity across state lines. At the time of the announcement, interstate platforms were pending final approval and tentatively slated for a May 1 launch.

The date is tentative no more.

This evening, head of online poker Bill Rini confirmed that regulators in each state have given their final sign-offs. With the flip of a switch, WSOP NJ and WSOP Nevada player pools have combined on schedule, even a few hours earlier than expected.

Multistate poker has returned to the US for the first time since Black Friday.

Of course, increases in poker liquidity facilitate even larger gains in liquidity. Expanded player pools allow operators to offer more games and larger guarantees, thereby tempting more players into the market. Combined traffic across the three-state network should easily match the sum of the separate networks — and likely surpass it in short order.

That same logic may help drive the conversation forward in other states. That’s the hope, anyhow. Smaller states, in particular, that are considering online poker legislation may be nudged over the hump by the potential benefits of an interstate network.

Pennsylvania will likely join the MSIGA when it launches online poker, too, adding more fuel to the fire.


Finally. Interstate online poker. HAS COME BACK….to New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada!

What a piece of good news for people who enjoy freedom. 7 years after the US Government effectively shut down online poker in the United States, 3 states have come together to open up interstate online poker player pool. It’s a big step towards nation-wide legalization and resurrecting the online game in the United States.

I’ve blogged many times about how absurd it is that online poker isn’t legal in the United States. This is a really good one about that. It’s insanity that since since 2011, it’s been legalized in only the 3 states, which until today, had been operating with state-only player pools. Now though, with them joining forces, we see another domino fall in our march towards bringing the great game back to the internet where everyone can play with their own money if they so desire. You can play DFS. You can play the lottery. But you can’t play poker? It doesn’t make sense. This isn’t 1976 anymore. We live on the Internet. If something is possible to do on the Internet, the old-man-yelling-at-the-clouds government should get their heads out of their asses and let us do it. It’s enraging.

Pennsylvania will likely become the 4th state to entire into the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association when they roll out online poker this year. And then who knows what state could be next. There are rumblings about New York legalizing it all the time, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe this could help push it through? California often talks about it because the tax revenue would help them get out of debt. Would be a ginormous step. And then maybe from there more and more dominos fall until online poker is flush with money and everyone is getting rich again like the old days. That’s the dream, my friends. That’s the dream.

And here’s some cool news:

How wild is that? You can play one of the online WSOP bracelet events from NJ this Summer. You can literally win a WSOP bracelet without leaving Hoboken. You can be in your shore house pool winning a bracelet. I love the future. I love the internet. I need every freaking state to realize poker is a game of skill, consenting adults should be allowed to play, and get it legalized in all 50 states once again.