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Girl Surprises Her Prom Date By Walking For The First Time In 10 Months

Typically, I have no truck for the sentimental stories we see from time to time, but this one got to me. What a fantastic reaction from her date. Poor guy couldn’t even comprehend what he was seeing. That’s probably the reason it has 1.1 million likes and 267,000 retweets. Seems like a lot for a 48-second video, to be honest. I mean it’s a nice video, but it’s not like, groundbreaking. Bet she got a lot of followers out of it too… huh.

Hmm. Handsome couple. They look really happy. Must be nice.

Ok, I just started going through her twitter and apparently she’s a huge fan of the Marvel universe. Not 5 tweets down, she drops a tweet that spoiled Avengers for me. It’s official: I do NOT like this girl.

AND SHE WON PROM QUEEN? IS NOTHING SACRED? For the love of God, how much does one person need in life?! I’ve come back from injuries, I walked at my prom; you don’t see me blasting it across the internet and going viral. Why? Because I was humble about it. And you know what else? I’ve seen almost all the Marvel movies, and I never tweeted the fucking spoiler 4 days after the movie came out!! Give us some goddamn time!

Otherwise, good for @aenoianlife and her lovely date. Hooray for young love, this is inspiring, may her life be full of rainbows and puppies and cotton candy blah blah blah.