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Sixers Get Physically, Mentally, And Emotionally Walloped At The Garden By The Celtics

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Gotta give credit where credit is due: The Celtics out coached, out played, and out hearted the Sixers. They were the better team tonight through and through. Are they a better team overall right now? Probably not. But tonight, dammit, they were a damn great team. Terry Rozier is indeed, dare I say, Scary good at basketball. That is not ideal for business.

Still, there’s nothing in this game that says the Sixers can’t bounce right back in Game 2. 5-26 from beyond the arc isn’t ideal in CYO Parish ball. It’s atrocious in the NBA, especially when your opponents shoot almost 50% at 17-36 – Seriously Terry, 7-9? Keep it in your pants, man. The Sixers played some laughable lazy defense at times. There must have been about 20 absolutely wide open looks from the Celtics with a Sixers defender waddling up half-assed to maybe get a hand in the face. Conversely, the Sixers couldn’t do diddly when it came to creating their own shots. Every pass, shot, and dick was contested. If they play with that kind of motor throughout the series, they’re going to be tough to beat. However, I’m not sure how they can function like this from a physical standpoint alone. If Al Horford is asked to put up 20 AND knock boots with Embiid on defense the entire game, he may drop dead by Game 3. Legitimately. And that’s without molesting someone every single time he sets a screen.

All in all, the Sixers lost for only their second time in 22 games. A flaming hot, young team was coming off 6 days rest and took the rustic route. Big whoop. Nothing changes in this dogfight.
Unfortunately, it’s no longer Sixers in 3. That’s mathematically impossible now.

Sixers in 4. Cue it.