The Stanley Cup Governor Bet Is The Single Worst Bet Of All Time




(Source) Hopefully the upcoming Stanley Cup finals involving the Rangers and Los Angeles Kings is more exciting than the bet made by Gov. Cuomo and California Gov. Jerry Brown. If the Rangers manage to win the Cup for the first time in 20 years, Gov. Cuomo can celebrate with an organic, lightly salted brown rice cake and a book on the history of California courtesy of Brown. Should the Kings win their second championship in three years, Cuomo will ship a Taste NY gift basket full of New York products like chicken wing sauce (but not wings) from Buffalo’s Anchor Bar, wings and wine. Cuomo will also send a year-old hockey puck the governor had made up last year to commemorate a “hat trick” of three straight on-time budgets. Hopefully, Mayor de Blasio can improve on what was widely seen as one of the lamest sports bets in a while between politicians when he finalizes his wager wtih Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

This has to be a joke right? I mean these bets suck regardless, everyone thinks they’re lame and just something mayors do for a little bit of exposure but at least make it even halfway decent. A rice cake and a book on the history of California? Who’s the winner there? That’s a serious question. Because those two items aren’t a gift or a bet they’re a straight up punishment. Hey if you win this bet I’ll shit in your mouth and make you read words!
And how about Cuomo with humbebrag of the century. A puck “commemorating a hat trick of three straight on time budgets”. So you’re giving someone a paperweight with your own personal achievements plastered on it? Fuck both of these guys, and yes that comes from a place of jealousy because the Blackhawks aren’t in the Finals but seriously, fuck both of them.
If I was Governor of a State I would bet my counterpart $100,000 of taxpayer money. Cash is King. And yeah some people may say that’s fucked up but tough shit, you elected me mayor, you knew I had a gambling problem, deal with it.