MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says She "Genuinely Does Not Believe" She Wrote Homophobic Blogs, Whatever That Means


MSNBC host Joy Reid has a bizarre, complicated internet history. She’s currently being accused of writing homophobic blogs around 2007-2009. A twitter user dug up the blogs about 10 days ago and last week she denied writing them, claiming instead that hackers manipulated her now defunct blog.

The new blogs in question are anti-gay marriage, talk about how two men kissing is repulsive, and include other comments insensitive to the LGBTQ community.

This all comes after she has, in the past, apologized for insensitive tweets like:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 3.02.25 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 3.02.48 PM

She has also admitted to and apologized for posts calling Florida Governor Charlie Crist “Miss Crist.”

Many people were skeptical of her hackers claim. Saturday she delivered the following apology on the air.

(Apology first 4 mins, most absurd part at about :39s mark)

You don’t believe you wrote the blogs? What? What the fuck does that mean? In my opinion it’s pretty simple — a person who knows they did not write certain blogs says “I did not write the blogs.” You 100% know what you did or did not write. You know if you wrote homophobic things on your blog.

A person does not say “I do not believe I wrote the blogs.” Facts aren’t a belief. They’re facts.

Like so. Fact: I’m not a homophobic person because I have a gay friend, whom I asked what he thought.


I very much agree with Gay Pat here. Everybody’s said or written dumb shit in the past. Everybody’s views evolve as they get older and everybody realizes that some of the shit they used to believe or say or write was dumb as hell. That it was insensitive. That it was flat out wrong.

But coming out and saying you were hacked then following that up by saying you can’t prove you were hacked but that you do not believe you wrote the blogs? Weird as hell.

Red flag!

Let me just boil this entire blog down to this: If you don’t believe Joy Reid wrote the blogs in question, you’re an idiot.