The $1.375 Million Bad Beat Jackpot Hit When A Royal Flush Beat Quad Queens

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PokerNews - It had been eight months since the last bad beat jackpot was hit at Playground Poker Club. Back in August of 2017, the BBJ was hit at an incredible $1,210,989. That jackpot was triggered when one player rivered a straight flush against quad jacks.

Fast forward to the really late or really early hours of April 27, and you have yourself an even bigger jackpot hit. At 5:30 a.m., the total was sitting at over $1,375,000, making it the largest Primary BBJ ever awarded at Playground Poker Club.

According to Playground Poker, nine players were seated at a $2/$5 NLHE cash game table with five other NLHE games running.

As the loser of the hand, Kwane R scooped the biggest share of the jackpot ($522,622). Daniel F collected $261,311 as the winner of the hand, while the other seven players at the table each received $37,328. And that wasn’t all — everyone seated at a table in the poker room when the jackpot hit was paid $5,938 as part of the promotion.


Just once I’d like to hit the Bad Beat Jackpot. Just once. It’s not asking for much. In case you don’t know what the Bad Beat Jackpot is, many poker rooms run a promotion where they have $1 from every hand go into a separate pot, and it builds and builds and builds until a very, very bad beat happens, with the qualifier usually being Quad Jacks losing to something better. Can be a better quads, a straight flush, things like that. And the best part is the loser of the hand get the biggest piece of the BBJ, the winner of the hand gets the next biggest piece, everyone at the table at the time get their own piece, and in this instance, everyone who was at a poker table got a piece too! Think about that- if you were just playing poker at another table when it hit, you got a cool $6,000 pay day!

Kwane found himself on the losing end of the hand, but walked out with $522,622. What a life. And boy, look how happy the table was:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.39.15 PM

Those are some bad hombres. I’m really hoping “Kwane R” is the dude all the way on the right, not even cracking a smile.

Pretty unfortunate that the last time I played cash in AC I got quad aces and there wasn’t even a sweat for the BBJ. Very unfair!

What’s even the point of getting quads and winning like a 500 dollar pot at 1/2 if there’s not even a chance you can lose to a royal flush. So annoying!

You can read about that trip HERE. I need to do more blogs like that, just haven’t played poker in a while.



PS: Remember when Dave challenged me to heads up poker like 3 or 4 years ago and has been ducking me ever since? Play me Dave! Play me!